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The code for WET was contributed by Qantom software, a software testing shop located in Bangalore, India. Qantom continues to actively lead the development activity of WET. Prior to the release of WET, Qantom had contributed to the FOSS (Free & Open source) testing community by developing and maintaining an Xml Repository for QTP's descriptive programming. This was a concept that helped many experienced QTP scripters to take advantage of the power of descriptive programming without sacrificing the maintainability coming out of using an object repository. More information about the XML Repository Manager can be found at

Around April 2006, Thwameva Technologies, committed itself to sponsoring a big part of the future development of WET. Thwameva will be undertaking commercial support and training of WET.

WET is a opensource automated web testing tool which uses Watir as the library to drive web pages. WET drives an IE Browser directly and so the automated testing done using WET is equivalent to how a user would drive the web pages. WET extends the scripting abilities of Watir and also offers the convenience of recorders. It is licensed under LGPL and BSD style open source licenses.