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Contributing to WET's success

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Contributing to WET

We, the developers of the WET, are open to suggestions, contributions, and all kinds of related feedback. Contributing doesn't always mean having SVN commit access. In order for WET to be successful, we rely on help in many areas other than writing software. These include:

  • Submitting bug reports (with patches!)
  • Writing documentation (esp. based on common issues in the forums)
  • Helping out in the forums
Becoming a developer

Becoming a developer for WET is on an invite-only basis. The project leaders look for people who have submitted bug reports (with patches), helped out with writing documentation, and stay active in the community forums. In addition to all these, developers must demonstrate a strong desire to see the project be succesful. This is typically done by staying in touch with the project leaders, following up on reported bugs, and generally offering assistance. If you believe that you have demonstrated that you are ready to be a developer, contact the development team!

WET is a opensource automated web testing tool which uses Watir as the library to drive web pages. WET drives an IE Browser directly and so the automated testing done using WET is equivalent to how a user would drive the web pages. WET extends the scripting abilities of Watir and also offers the convenience of recorders. It is licensed under LGPL and BSD style open source licenses.