WiNoT® Trainer

IOT is predicted to transform every industry that we know of! A very important step forward would be to open up the doors of IOT to a wider audience. Qantom's WiNoT™ trainer is a first step in that direction.

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However the state of affairs is that if you want to start to learn IOT, you would be expected to know the basics of electronics, know how to install and configure linux systems or understand how to write code in C. And for beginners, there is always a fear when it comes to handling electronics.
  • Should I connect the wire to this pin or that one?
  • What if I do something and spoil some components or the entire board itself?
  • What if I make a mistake and there is a smoke or fire hazard?
These are apprehensions that are quite natural for anybody who is new to Electronics. The WiNoTâ„¢ Trainer kit comes preassembled with all components and so even somebody without any electronics background can start learning IOT. You are not expected to know anything about electronics, or have experience in software languages. As long as you know how to install applications on your computer, you can get started. Of course if you already know about programming or basics of electronics, it will make it much more easier.

WiNoT® Home

The markets for IOT and home automation has been growing at an exponential rate over the past few years. However commissioning, configuring and maintaining a smart home system can be a daunting task and requires programming skills.
A need of the hour is a home automation system which is interoperable across different vendors and also can be configured by a Non Technical person. One should be able to buy a bare minimum system to start with and later on add sensors or actuators without having to discard the initial purchase.
The IONMP Protocol defines a set of rules using which endpoints and other entities can advertise their capabilities and allow the server to control them. The WiNoT® home is a home automation system built using the IONMP protocol. Relationships between events and actions can be defined by plugging appropriate blocks into one another making it easy to create complex interactions between different events and actions.


In August 2019, we made a strategic decision to release the above projects using an opensource license. Of several factors that influenced this decision, the two signifcant ones were :

  • With a good community support, the components of the WiNoT® Home has the potential to become one of the leading Things platform for IOT applications
  • We have had a long history of being part of building opensource products:
    • - - Qantom was an active contributor to this project which was an enterprise grade IPPbx solution
    • - - An opensource web testing tool which was developed and owned by Qantom.
The opensource release will be be managed by our Training division - ThingsPing®. We are currently working on refactoring some code and also reviewing it to ensure that the code has no reference or usage to any proprietory third party proprietary code. Stay tuned to the ThingsPing® pages for status updates.