IOT is predicted to transform every industry that we know of! A very important step forward would be to open up the doors of IOT to a wider audience. Qantom's WiNoT™ trainer is a first step in that direction.

News: The WiNoT™ trainer is nowArrow Certified - Arrow is a fortune 500 company that, besides other activities, certifies technologies on a review of the feasibility of product's design and viability of the bill of materials . Click here to read more or simply scroll down to see the demos
However the state of affairs is that if you want to start to learn IOT, you would be expected to know the basics of electronics, know how to install and configure linux systems or understand how to write code in C. And for beginners, there is always a fear when it comes to handling electronics.
  • Should I connect the wire to this pin or that one?
  • What if I do something and spoil some components or the entire board itself?
  • What if I make a mistake and there is a smoke or fire hazard?
These are apprehensions that are quite natural for anybody who is new to Electronics. The WiNoTâ„¢ Trainer kit comes preassembled with all components and so even somebody without any electronics background can start learning IOT. You are not expected to know anything about electronics, or have experience in software languages. As long as you know how to install applications on your computer, you can get started. Of course if you already know about programming or basics of electronics, it will make it much more easier.


Video#2 - Demo - Operating the LED & Buzzer:

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WiNoT™ uses a very intuitive approach to control the sensors. Click here to read more or scroll down to see the next video
First of all, we built the firmware in such a way that it takes cares of most of the heavy-lifting. This is complimented with a python library which is installed on the computer. This combination makes it possible to write IOT code that is very intuitive and easy to understand. If it is easy to understand, then it becomes easy to learn The following videos show a few examples of using the WiNoT™ trainer. After seeing these videos, you will be able to appreciate the fact that it is really very simple to develop IOT solutions using WiNoT™
In the first demo, you saw how easy it was to operate the onboard LEDs and Buzzers.
In the second demo, we will see how to detect motion, how to measure distance and how to check the light intensity.
In the third demo, we will see how to build integrated IOT solutions by combining one or more sensors and output devices.
In the last demo, you can see an actual home automation at work.

Video#3 - Demo - Motion Sensor, Distance Meter and LDR:

Video#4 - Demo - Build integrated sensors using the WiNoT™ Trainer

Video#5 - Demo - A simple home automation system

What's in the kit?

The kit mainly contains two components: The WiNoT™ trainer board which has the ESP8266 as the controller with 5 sensors, one LED, one buzzer and one relay assembled on the board. Once you open the standard trainer kit from the box, you can start using it right away - there is no need for any assembly, soldering or even wiring. The video below gives a detailed overview of the board

Video#6 - Inside the kit

Video#7 - Setting up the WiNoT™ Trainer

How to get it?

We are working on making the kit available online. This will be ready very soon.

You can also get it directly from us by sending us an email at winotAtQantomDotIn