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Release Notes for 1.0.0

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Release Notes - WET - Version 1.0.0

Major revamp

The WET UI has undergone a major revamp in this release with the following two issues having been addressed: The WET UI in 0.9.8 was a single MDI application in which all the features of WET UI was packed into! This was not only confusing but was also hiding the real strength of WET. The second big bottleneck in the WET UI was the RPC Server - Both these issues have been addressed.

To see a more detailed description about release 1.0 and the philosophy readjustment see the link at the Open QA Wiki
To get a brief overview about the new components in the disintegrated WET UI, see this Wiki Page

In the process of addressing these two issues, various other bugs were adressed!
WET-171 addressed many issues like [WET-261], [WET-263], [WET-270], [WET-291], [WET-292], [WET-318], etc.
As a process of implementing the fix for WET-308, the following issues were addressed: [WET-67], [WET-77], [WET-294], [WET-313], [WET-250], [WET-354], [WET-288], [WET-289]

Other New Features and Improvements

Important bug fixes

Issues fixed since 1.0

WET is a opensource automated web testing tool which uses Watir as the library to drive web pages. WET drives an IE Browser directly and so the automated testing done using WET is equivalent to how a user would drive the web pages. WET extends the scripting abilities of Watir and also offers the convenience of recorders. It is licensed under LGPL and BSD style open source licenses.