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Road map for 1.0 release

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Wet 1.0 alpha was released on May 26th 2007. For the first 15 days after release, the focus will be on testing and documentation. Around June 12th or so, we plan to release Beta. 

Wet 1.0 beta was released on June 16th 2007. The code has now been well tested and a fair amount of documentation. After 1.0 has been in Beta testing for a month, then the final release will be made around the 15th of July 2007.

Num Summary Current status
1 Create ability to access any type of HTML element and add some of the more commonly used types of elements like span and div directly WET supported elements Completed
2 Improve support for preconditons and teardowns – It should be possible to use any WET test as a precondition or teardown. The UI Support for managing these preconditions and teardowns has to be improved to make it more usable. Completed
3 Support Modal IE Dialogs – The only dialogs supported as of now are javascript / vbscript type win32 dialogs. We should also have the ability to support Modal IE Dialogs Dropped
This was dropped as other important tasks were taken up for 1.0(see below)
4 Improve configuration support – WET uses a global configuration file that can be used to configure it to be more suitable for the application under test. This configuration can currently only be modified by hand editing. Likewise, a configuration file for WET UI itself should be created which also must be configurable through the UI. Dropped
Based on discussions held within the core team and email exchanges within the user group, this feature is being dropped. The thought is that putting too much emphasis on the UI will demean the core abilities of WET.
5 Create UI for managing the XML data tableCreate an easy way of creating datatables without using Excel Completed
The initial thought was to come up with an UI for managing XML datatables. However we later decided to have support for CSV datatables as this will allow easy creation of these datatables using openoffice.
6 Add support for Firefox - This is a feature that is quite an important one for the WET Developers but may be left out if the feature cannot be completed in time Dropped
This is being dropped as other important tasks have been planned for this release(see below)
7 Fix all critical bugs and other bugs marked to be fixed in version 1.0. Ongoing
8 Disintegrate the WET UI (WET-308) - This is an important feature to enable testers to use the core abilities of WET without getting carried away that the WET UI is WET itself! completed
This task was introduced after the initial 1.0 plan
9 Create the DOM layer in C#(WET-171) - The RPC Mechanism to interchange DOM info between the ruby layer and C# is proving to be problematic and buggy. To address this, it is essential that a version of the DOM Layer is written in C# itself Completed.
This task was introduced after the initial 1.0 plan
8 & 9 above inturn various other issues / features (for example: a) Opensource the XML repository manager, b) Implement a Find feature in the XML repository manager) and many parts of the code are being re-written to address this. This inturn is causing a lot of time to be chewed up, thereby pushing forward the release by a few weeks.
10 Thorough System Testing and documentation 25th May to 11th June 2007
11 Beta Release Planned for 12th June 2007
Released on 16th June 2007
12 FCS Release Planned for 15th July 2007
Updated and changed testing / release dates on 16th June 2007
WET is a opensource automated web testing tool which uses Watir as the library to drive web pages. WET drives an IE Browser directly and so the automated testing done using WET is equivalent to how a user would drive the web pages. WET extends the scripting abilities of Watir and also offers the convenience of recorders. It is licensed under LGPL and BSD style open source licenses.